10 Reasons to Travel the World


  1. Plane peanuts!
  2. Traveling is an excellent reason not to go to the office.
  3. Traveling allows you to expand your horizons with new cultural experiences.
  4. After all that sleeping and staying in bed, don’t you really think it is about time to try new things?
  5. Enjoy all the cuisine the world has to offer.
  6. Who doesn’t like to stay in hotels?
  7. Maximize your photography skills with exotic locations and awe-inspiring horizons.
  8. Bragging rights with your friends.
  9. Think of all the mundane things you won’t have to do if you are traveling.
  10. We had to come up with a list that had nothing to do with ten ways to do nothing.

This list brought to you from the creative mind of Bailey Gallup.

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